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K & P PARTNERS is among the most prestigious law firms in Bulgaria and its founders Kanelova and Petrov are leaders of the Bulgarian legal community. K & P’s greatly experienced attorneys pride themselves on their strong character, honesty, and professionalism.

The firm specializes in Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Civil Law and Civil Procedure. Bulgaria’s membership in the European Union has created a need for a broader range of legal services, all of which K & P’s is able to expertly provide.

K & P PARTNERS’ team of highly qualified lawyers is constantly expanding its knowledge base and developing the skills required to adequately respond to the changes in the legal world.

The partners are Masters of Law, they teach in elite law schools, and have done specializations in various prestigious foreign universities and governmental institutions. The firm also works closely with prominent Bulgarian professors in all legal branches as well as with renowned experts in other fields to resolve any possible legal issues. The firm’s legal services address all of the needs of the Bulgarian business and professional elite.

All members of the firm share the principles of modern democratic society and are strongly dedicated to protecting the rights and legitimate interests of its clients according to the requirements of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria. Its high professional standards have attracted numerous clients, and have made them believe that to K&P PARTNERS’ team there are no unsolvable cases. K & P’s firmly supports its clients and feels ready to resolve all of their problems. Everyone is welcome at any time.